Sample: CV / Resume

Your Name - 07712 345678
99 Example Street, Example Town, EX4 3PL

Here you should take a few lines, not a few paragraphs (save that for the cover letter) to quickly outline
your interest in the role and why you’d be a good fit. Do not list out your skills here as they will be more relevant to employers searching for your CV within a job role listed under “WORK EXPERIENCE”.
The purpose is to highlight your professional aspects and goals, summarizing why somebody should consider your submission.

Job Title – Dates of Employment (date format should be Month YYYY e.g. November 2011 – May 2012)
Company Name -

It is very important to include your dates of employment regardless of whether you are still in the job you have listed. This is because Monster’s CV Search will use these dates as well as the skills obtained/utilised in this time period to determine if you’re what an employer is looking for.

· Provide key achievements within a role and try to highlight the skills used to obtain your goal
· Try to avoid soft terms like “high energy” and aim for skills used within the role – such as “programming using C++”
· Provide enough information to entice your potential employers to call you
· Always keep examples relevant to the role you are applying for

Job Title – Dates of Employment
Company Name -

For older jobs you should keep the details slightly shorter, remembering to include your dates of employment and key skills obtained/applied to achieve your goals.

· Try to avoid cliché phrases that don’t differentiate you as a candidate
· Always adapt your CV for each job application to match the requirements
· Try not to waffle if you feel like you don’t have much to write in this area. Succinct to the point CVs
will be preferred as they are quick to read and won’t be generic

If you are looking for your first job and do not have much or any work experience at this point – do not fret.
Expand on your education responsibilities and apply them to real life scenarios so an employer has an understanding of what you have achieved and the means used to get these achievements.
BA (Hons) 2:1, Subject Name - September 2008 - June 2012.

University of Example-town

· You can help sell yourself with a few bullet points on what were some of your goals and achievements during your time at university
· If any skills were learnt that relate to the job you’re applying for, it would be a good idea to mention those to further align yourself with their criteria

A-Levels, June 2006 – June 2008
College Name,

Business Studies: A
Maths: A
Chemistry: B
GCSE’s, June 2003 – June 2008
College Name,

English: B
Maths: A
Physics: A
Chemistry: B
Biology: B 

Feel free to list these out in bullets or in a table. If you lack experience for a role that you are deeply passionate about, you may want to mention how you use your spare time to pursue this passion. Be it in reading around the subject matter or expanding your technical skills.

References are available on request. Find out more about writing a resume. 

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