Kisubi High School Jobs -School Business Manager

Job title:- School Business Manager
Organisation:- Kisubi High School
Employment type:- Full time
Country:- Kampala/ Uganda
Reports to:- Head teacher/ with strategic support from th-e Operations Director

Ogarnization Overview
Kisubi High School is a day & boarding school that provides an outstanding education fo4 boys & girls where each child is developed as an individual in a caring & well-resourced environment.

Summary & Purpose of th-e Job:-
The School Business Manager is:-
• th-e lead support staff professional & is responsible fo4 th-e operations of th-e school/ working as part of th-e Senior Leadership Team to assist th-e Head Teacher in his/her duty to ensure that th-e school meets its educational aims.
• Responsible fo4 th-e financial/ administration/ human resources/ procurement/ facility/ property & health/ safety & security management of th-e school.
• Responsible fo4 providing professional leadership & management of th-e operational team (bursar/ assistant bursar/ secretaries/ site supervisor/ cleaners/ cooks/ grounds staff & security guards).
• Ensures high standards/ transparency & accountability within th-e financial/ administrative & facilities management & strategically ensures th-e most effective use of resources in support of th-e school’s learning objectives.
They will be expected to be an exceptional & committed leader/ fostering a positive working culture at all times & creating a child-centred approach in all elements of school life.

Areas of Responsibility & Key Tasks

Leadership & management
• Lead & performance manage a team of operations staff & directly manage th-e bursar/ site supervisor/ driver & secretaries.
• Support th-e bursar to manage th-e accounts assistant & th-e site supervisor to manage th-e cooks/ cleaners/ ground staff & security guards.
• Build a team of continually improving & professional specialists.
• Lead sessions of continuous professional development (CPD) when delegated to do so.
• Attend & actively participate in Senior Leadership Team meetings.
• Ensure all staff are provided with effective performance management.
• Develop positive working relationships with & between all staff.
• Sustain personal & staff motivation.

Financial Management
• Advise on financial policy & strategy & provide input to th-e development of th-e long-term financial strategy of th-e school.
• Develop & ensure implementation of processes & procedures to ensure effective financial controls are implemented to safeguard th-e organisations resources.
• Ensure th-e asset register is updated & verified on regular basis.
• In consultation with senior & middle leaders/ prepare a realistic annual budget fo4 th-e school.
• Monitor performance against budget ensuring remedial action is taken where necessary.
• Ensure monthly financial reports are prepared via th-e school’s QuickBooks software.
• Ensure an external audit of th-e school’s finances takes place annually & ensure any subsequent recommendations are actioned.
• Oversee th-e fees collection process & ensure fees are collected in a timely fashion
• Ensure th-e school meets its statutory tax obligations.
• Notify th-e Operations Director & Head Teacher immediately if any fraudulent activities are suspected or uncovered.

• Ensure effective/ open & transparent procurement processes are in place fo4 th-e purchasing of good & services
• Oversee & monitor contracts with all suppliers. Ensure effective quality assurance processes are in place & make adjustments to suppliers and/ or as necessary.
• Ensure effective & up to date stock control procedures are in place & a regularly monitored.

Administration Management
• Manage th-e whole school administrative function.
• Design & maintain administrative systems that deliver outcomes based on th-e school’s aims & goals
• Ensure th-e school has an up to date student database/ containing relevant bio data fo4 all students.
• Establish & use effective methods to review & improve administrative systems.
• Be responsible/ in conjunction with th-e Head Teacher/ fo4 th-e ICT & internet systems at th-e school.

Human Resource Management
• Oversee th-e payroll services fo4 all school staff.
• Ensure staff HR policies (including recruitment/ discipline/ leave) are adhered to/ are up to date & comply with legal & regulatory requirements.
• Ensure all staff have a clear understanding of th-e policies & procedures & th-e importance of putting them into practice. Offer support to school leaders in implementation of these policies where required.
• Seek & make use of specialist expertise in relation to HR issues

Facility & Property Management
• Manage th-e maintenance of th-e school site including th-e purchase & repair of all
furniture & fittings.
• Ensure a safe environment fo4 th-e stakeholders of th-e school to provide a secure environment in which boarding & due learning processes can be provided.
• Ensure th-e continuing availability of utilities/ site services & equipment.
• Follow sound practices in estate management & grounds maintenance.
• Manage th-e letting of school premises to external organisations.
• Seek professional advice on insurance & advise th-e SLT on appropriate insurances fo4 th-e school & implement & manage such schemes accordingly.
• Ensure students are provided with a varied & well-prepared menu.

Health/ Safety & Security
• Act as th-e school’s Health & Safety Co-ordinator & Fire Officer.
• Chair th-e school’s health & safety committee & ensure th-e school’s health & safety policy is adhered to/ is up to date & complies with legal & regulatory requirements.
• Planing/ instigating & maintain records of fire evacuation practices.
• Ensure systems are in place to enable th-e identification of hazards & risk assessments.
• Ensure th-e maximum level of security consistent with th-e ethos of th-e school & ensure any security breaches are dealt with promptly & recorded.

Other Professional Requirements
• Uphold th-e vision & values of Kisubi High School at all times.
• Operate at all times within th-e stated policies & practices of th-e school.
• Take a child centred approach to all aspects of school life.
• Establish effective working relationships & set a good example through your presentation & personal & professional conduct.
• Co-operate with other staff to ensure th-e sharing & effective usage of resources to th-e benefit of th-e school & students.
• Take part in marketing & stakeholder engagement activities such as parents’ meetings/ & all other events & activities as required by th-e school leadership.
• Work with th-e Student Council & th-e prefects to seek student feedback on all areas of your work/ including th-e menu & health & safety issues.

Whilst every effort has been made to explain th-e main duties & responsibilities of th-e post/ each individual task undertaken may not be identified. Staff will be expected to comply with any reasonable request from a manager to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in this job description.
This post is subject to th-e policies & procedures of th-e Government of Uganda & of Kisubi High School. This job description may be reviewed at th-e end of th-e academic year or earlier if necessary. In addition/ it may be amended at any time after consultation with you.

Qualification & experience/ Essential Desirable

• Bachelor Degree
• An accounting qualification
• An evidenced track record of senior business management/ preferably in a school setting.
• Knowledge & experience of financial & budgeting management systems & procedures
• Knowledge & experience of managing procurement contracts fo4 services
• Up to date knowledge of legal requirements in Ugandan in relation to school operations (including/ HR/ finances & health & safety)
• Experience of facilities management
• An understanding/ gained through direct experience/ of th-e challenges & demands of th-e coeducational secondary boarding environment
• Proven experience of leading high performing teams
• ICT skills/ including Excel & financial software (preferably QuickBooks).
• Experience as a school business manager
• Membership of a professional body

Essential Desirable Skills

• Ability to foster a positive working culture & to enthuse & engage colleagues across th-e whole school community.
• Able to make sound financial judgments & to secure value fo4 money
• Ability to develop & maintain a secure/ safe & healthy school environment fo4 all staff & students
• Proven ability to devise & implement strategy & monitor & evaluate data & plans.
• Outstanding people leadership skills/ with a willingness to delegate meaningfully & an understanding of how to create th-e conditions in which others can grow/ develop & succeed.
• Excellent communication skills
• Strong commercial awareness
• Able to work under pressure & to meet all deadlines

Essential Desirable Personal Qualities

• Enthusiasm fo4 & commitment to th-e achievement of Kisubi High School’s overall vision & approach/ including to child centred learning & behaviour fo4 learning.
• Willingness to work hard.
• Flexible/ adaptable/ results orientated & able to prioritise/ resilient under pressure.
• Able to provide financial references and/ or criminal/ fraud clearance.
• Commitment to own Continued Professional Development

How to apply:-

To apply please send your CV & cover letter with 3 work related referees to th-e Email:-
While Kisubi High School thank all applicants fo4 your interest/ only those selected fo4 interviews will be contacted. Any form of lobbying will lead to automatic disqualification.
Application Closing date:- August 23/ 2017 - 5pm